Sunday, November 4, 2007

James was right

One simple wish
To take it all away
Take out my inner struggle
Take away my fiery flame
The untamable beast I cannot control
Something that contradicts my soul
Powerful enough to break any bond
Leaves tears in broken eyes
Scars hearts of those I love
Creates a false man
Of whom everyone has come to know
Harsh, sly, quickly shrewd
Light a room, fill it with joy
Cheap stabs in the back
Depending on my mood
It’s my plague, the disease within
That rots away the core
Attacks the foundation on which I stand
Once before I could no longer
Because I’ve now hit my knees
In desperation, in need, in sorrow
In hope that it will be gone tomorrow
Or maybe the next day but expectantly soon
Lord take my tongue
This beast of regret
Saying things I wish I could forget
But it’s too late, for the scars have already been placed
On those I love and I can’t change
The bruises I’ve made
I hate this beast, he stalks me
I feel its breathe down my neck as I walk this path
Then wake up on my back
Not again, a black out
My weak soul concedes
I drop my guard and hit my knees
In deep regret
Having one wish, one prayer, one need
You, take my life, my tongue, my sin
Shut the pit of hell
That speaks such things
Untamable, powerful, small indeed
Small sparks start fires that burn forests full of trees
This is my story, my weakness, my struggle, my need
I beg you know, take my tongue away from me.

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