Thursday, November 8, 2007

Homosexuality…extending grace rather than judgment…

I was reading a blog this morning on my favorite blog-site and came across an article on homosexuality. Check it out: The idea is that we condemn homosexuals rather than love them and pray for them. I actually feel awful calling homosexuals “them”. I think that within the context of the Christian world we have separated ourselves so far that we label others and isolate them. Separation and not being a part of this world are different though, because I know the thought is, “well, it is said we are no longer of this world in Christ (John 17:14-19).” True statement. However, Jesus did not tell us to create this Christian world and be separate from it, we are to live in the world and be salt and light. If we are following our true reason for living, to make disciples, we would be conscious of the reality that we can not judge and we can only speak love in truth. Just because a man or woman is involved in sexual sin, doesn’t mean we should condemn them and put them in this isolated corner of humanity that we call “them”. This reminds me of the woman who was “caught” in adultery and brought before Jesus. Jesus tells her that he does not judge her and to turn from her ways. Jesus loved people liked that all the time. He touched lepers! Lepers were considered unclean by the Law and thus not to be touched by the righteous. Jesus loved those who were social outcast, who were “them”. We should extend grace and love to those who have a struggle with homosexuality as Jesus Christ would if He were roaming the streets today. Listen rather than preach, pray rather than give your opinion, look for opportunities to speak truth in love rather than create a convert. People need love and if those who are supposed to be models of Love (because God is love) aren’t showing it, who will? Join me in prayer for those drowning in sin that just need to see a light at the end of the tunnel, that need to know Jesus loves them.

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