Friday, November 2, 2007

Fun Times

Last night was Target family night at the Children’s Museum. It was free admission. Free = Awesome in my books! So, I decided to take Tank (my Little Brother, his real name is Ramero, but nicknamed Tank). I get to his house and he comes out with this little smirk on his face and rightfully I ask what’s going on. He tells me that his older brother Eric wants to come but is afraid to ask. So, I ended up taking Tank and Eric.

Everything from the car ride there to dinner afterwards was just a great time. On the way there, they were telling me about the haunted houses they went to for Halloween. Tank is really scary so he was telling me how scared he was and how he was trying to get out of it every chance he could. Tank dressed up like a Pirate and Eric dressed up like Jason. I’m not a big supporter of letting kids dress up like evil stuff, but that was not a time for me to scold them in any way, so I just listened to them talk. Eric is soft spoken while Tank is a little wild man; he can talk a mile a minute. It was funny to hear them interact in the back seat. When we got to the museum, Tank and Eric took off, running here and there. At first I was trying to keep up and really worried about being within 2 feet of them, but after a while I learned to post up on a wall where I could see them from a distance and watch. We spent about 3 hours there, they played in all the interactive parts and I almost had to literally drag Tank out, he was having so much fun. We went to McDonalds afterwards. Having kids is expensive! I spent like 18 bucks! It takes some getting used to because I am used to paying for me only. The money doesn’t matter though, I just like seeing them happy. Eric asked what he could order and I told him whatever he wanted. Tank is already accustomed to my liberal management of what he orders or wants to do. As long as they are safe and not doing anything bad, I say let the kids be kids (I’m sure this will change when I become a dad someday). So Tank started the usual, “Umm, Umm, what’s that, umm, I’ll take that, and that, and umm, well wait, umm, never mind, I’m not sure what I want.” So I end up ordering exactly what he gets the other times we’ve been to McDonalds, a cheeseburger happy meal. I took them home and completed my night.

I didn’t realize until now, as I am typing this blog, how much I have really connected with this kid. So I guess this is a free commercial for Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you have an agency in your area you should really think about getting involved. I have a great time doing it and really can’t imagine not having Tank as my Little Brother.

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