Monday, November 5, 2007

The Dunk Booth

You could hear a pin drop, the sniffles of noses, and tears filling the air… Sunday we gathered to celebrate 4 people within our church body getting baptized. Each story was unique, personalities were so different, but the value and power of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ was the same. So I sit and watch the first man come on stage and tell his story, “It’s like one foot was in and one foot was out,” he says about his lifestyle, the first of three girls to follow, “I just wasn’t fulfilled and I wanted to joy I saw in others,” next, “I knew about it, but never felt it,” and finally, “I finally realized I don’t have to be perfect and that I need God.” Then I watched as all 4 of these individuals climbed into the tank and took part in the beautiful illustration of dying to themselves in raising in Christ through water baptism. My eyes began to mist when the gentleman told his story and the spring flowed watching the girls to follow. One resounding thought was in my head at that moment, “so this is what it looks like…,” faith in action, God changing lives, the church moving. It was touching to see people changed by Christ.

The overwhelming idea was they all had accepted that they need Jesus and that they can come to Him as they are. They were all willing to publicly affirm their commitments to Christ to follow Him to the best of their ability with a community of faith and support. It was beautiful really, to see redemption, to feel God’s hand moving in the room. That’s what I call church baby!

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  1. pretty cool stuff...i love to hear the great stories coming from Indy Metro. I'm glad you are there--God is revealing many things to you for sure and using you in ways beyond belief.

    Thanks for the kind words on my is incredible and beyond anything I imagined or prayed for. Blogs are a fun way to stay in touch.