Thursday, November 8, 2007

Diaper Scholars

I’ve noticed recently that a lot of my friends from Jacksonville are having kids. Within the last week I have found out 3 couples have had kids. Even in our happiest moments, I have never witnessed the kind of joy on their faces than seeing them in these new pictures with their child. It is amazing how much we find true joy and love when we have a child. I guess this is the closest you can ever feel to what God must feel for us. You finally get to hold a little bit of something you helped create, some one made in your image, a precious jewel you’d do anything for. It’s amazing the thoughts children can bring about in adults. In just bringing joy to my friend’s lives I am in reflection of how much God loves the world and everyone in it. He loved the world so much that He sacrificed His only son (John 3:16).

Another point of application I am chewing on right now that I have learned from children is why Jesus would say that we must become like them to enter into the kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 18:3). Why would Jesus want us to become like children? Have you ever seen two kids fight? They are vicious little things! However, have you ever seen a mom pull them both by the ears to the center of the room and say, “Tell him your sorry,” ? Well, the result is a hug and they go on playing like nothing ever happened. You ever notice how children are full of hope and natural ability to have faith in things, they have unconditional faith that their parents will always pull through. They have no fear of life, they meet it head on at full speed, even though they don’t know what will happen next (like a Rhino…read The Barbarian Way). There is so much knowledge we can learn from kids and we would stop and watch and listen.

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