Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Colors of Change

A new phenomenon that I have come to enjoy in living in the Midwest is the season of Autumn/Fall. Growing up in Florida there were only two season, hot and hotter, so I am taken back by the beauty I’ve missed my whole life. This canvas called Indianapolis is now painted with beautiful colors and textures. As I watch the leaves blow across the concrete jungle of downtown (my stomping grounds) I realize that there is splendor in change. Everything changes. The only two absolutes in this world are God and change. God doesn’t change, He is the same from beginning to end. Change doesn’t change, it is a predictable element. One thing I can rely on is that I don’t know much and I don’t know what will change. I find comfort in the fact that although the world around me changes, God remains my rock. So as I see the colors morph from green to red, yellow, and brown I take a deep breath of the fresh Fall air that I know is the unchanging God. I wonder how many people in this city and cities around the world just need to be told that the creator of everything that they see and feel loves them and wants a relationship with them. I wonder how comforting it would be to hear that God doesn’t change, He is always there, waiting, patiently, with arms wide open. Amongst a world of ever changing factors they need to hear that one doesn’t, God, Love, Jesus and the debt He paid for our sin. This season take an opportunity to reflect on God’s unchanging character and the world’s need for Him. Next time you see and leave blow by take it as a reminder that He is there, not changing, and wants you to tell others about Him. In the spirit of it all I’ve posted some pictures of Brown County and the leaves there. The saddest thing in the world to me is to look at these pictures and not see God, how fortunate we are to know Him and be able to enjoy the beauty He created.

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  1. hey! wait a sec...these picsture look really familiar :) haha! i'm charging a finders fee next time :) we are going to take some pics with the leaves tomorrow if you want to join us...then, you can actually be in some of them!