Thursday, November 1, 2007

Birds of Sparta!

The last couple of weeks have brought about new changes with fall arriving. Outside of the beautiful leaves becoming a bright picture of God’s glory there has been something else I’ve noticed…Birds. There are not just a couple, no pretty ones, but tons of little black birds. I’m not sure what kind of birds they are but I know they are small and black. They fly in these huge groups around downtown, it actually looks like they are forming some kind of pattern, they are flying in a particular way. I’m not sure why they fly this way, but I know it’s weird. The birds are so large in number that when they are all together they darken the view of the buildings they are flying in front of. This reminds me of when the arrows of Xerxes darkened the sky when raining down on the Spartans (If you have seen 300 you will know what I am talking about). This always happens at dusk, so sometimes I’ll be walking to Starbucks or the gym (YMCA) and see people in their cars looking up in amazement at this spectacle. People who are walking will stop and look up in total amazement or run in total fear of it raining, not water either (eww…sick).

What hit me as I was walking home last night from work (which is only about 300 yards next door) was that there is nothing outstanding about these birds, they are not outwardly beautiful or make any special noises, it is the large number of them flying together that makes them worth stopping to watch (I’m not one who runs, I just cover my head and pray I don’t get presents from them…). Jesus tells his disciples that the world will know they are His disciples by the way they love (John 13:34-35). We’re just ordinary people, nothing extravagant to us, much like little black birds, we’ve been changed by Christ’s love and grace so we fly together, we do life together. That is noticeable, not us, but the love we exude. Hopefully people won’t be running because they are afraid we will poop on them (that makes me laugh, thinking about the people who run away from this flock of birds) but will stop and be amazed at the large family we have and hopefully notice Jesus.

So I put all that together in my head within seconds of seeing this freakish amount of birds flying together, then I saw this one lonely bird all by itself land in a tree. I thought to myself that it was kind of sad to see him lonely and not flying with the large amount of other birds together. Then he shot off into the darkness, the darkness of the birds. He began to fly with them. No longer was he alone, he became part of the breath taking group of birds that leave most people downtown in bewilderment each night at dusk.

Is this how it should work? Amazing what birds can make you think about.

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