Friday, November 23, 2007

Beyond Leaves

On my way to work this morning (I know it is lame I have to work the day after Thanksgiving!) I noticed how the sidewalks were stained with leaves from the trees, yellow, red, and brown. I just noticed how beautiful it all really was and then just praised God for the picture he paints for me each morning on my way to work. So I just started singing in my head and this is what I came up with…random I know.

I wish you could see the beauty beyond these leaves, striking painted trees.
The wind in the night blows away the stars for the sunrise at dawn.
The deeper we look, the more that we find, we’re not alone, we weren’t left behind.
We’re not just memories, He’s still among men.
We notice when we look deep, beyond the trees.
He’s in the wind, in the rain, He is the reason there’s comfort in pain.
He’s there when we breathe, He’s not far, He’s the heart of who we really are.
Just a glimpse past subjection, outside the reflection of the moon in the sky, beyond the beauty of snow fall at night, He’s there, waiting with arms open wide.
What do we see, open our eyes, help me to see further than what lies before my eyes.
I see beauty in the wind, it reminds me you are there, it reminds me you are here.

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