Monday, October 8, 2007

Slacka Indeed

I was told by a good friend the other day, “You need to update your blog slacka!” So here it is the update you have all been waiting for…


I had my interview with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department last Thursday. I took a risk in answering one of the questions by mentioning that my faith is what would make me a good police officer because I know true justice and I also know grace. I must have made some kind of impression because after the interview one of the officers came in the room and must have not seen me because she said, “My guy actually mentioned grace in the interview.’ So I was told I will get a letter in the mail in 2 weeks with a conditional offer of employment or a rejection, so now I get to play the waiting game. However exciting as that is, it seems like God is always there to stop my impulsive thoughts. Today at work I get this new guy who sits with me to listen in on how the job goes. Well, he actually just quite the police department. He just got out of the academy. Anyways he told me all kind of things and brought up points that I didn’t even think about. One, my heart not being in it, the police dept. would be great but I’m only interested because it is a large salary to start. He says that when you actually go out and see stuff and then you get into an altercation you start to think if this is really all worth it. So I’m beginning to think that I need to not just do what I want to do and really spend some more time in prayer about this potential opportunity, because my heart still lies in starting churches and preaching, you know changing lives for Jesus.

I went bike riding with my little brother, Tank, yesterday. I picked him up around 945 and took him to church, then we ate lunch, and went bike riding. I got my first feeling of what being a dad must feel like. As I was riding my bike towards the canal I was so worried about him getting hit or falling into the road and was constantly telling him to be careful and blah blah. Well, he fell into the road and I freaked, I jumped off my bike and snatched him up pretty quick. It scared the life out of me. So the rest of the bike ride I made him ride beside me on the opposite side of the road. He is a cool kid, I pray God will continue to use me in his life and that others will sign up to mentor kids in the city too.
School is going pretty good. I’m a little discouraged right now though. I got my first B on anything last week. I got a B on a paper because my answers were really short and did not really illustrate I had a true understanding of the material being taught I guess. Oh well, I’m back on the grind this week and plan to study hard this week and get 2 of my four final papers that are due written. Sometimes I forget I’m in school because I actually enjoy what I am doing. I still have to force myself to slow down and read and study though, but that is more of my lack of disciple than anything. I’m just bad at slowing down; I like to fill my life and day up so full that I wear myself out. Pretty bad characteristic of me but God is continuing to change me.

I’m at work right now writing so I think this is it for now. I don’t have any cool pictures or anything to post, but my brother, Chris is coming up for my birthday and I’m sure we’ll take some pictures that I can post.

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