Wednesday, October 24, 2007

God’s Practical Joke

God’s Practical Joke

Being a young single man, I often wonder if this whole dating thing is punishment or some kind of practical joke from God. I say this in jest of course, because I don’t think God would ever play a practical joke. I am enamored by this awkward process though.

Boy meets girl, boy pursues girl, boy tells girl he is interested, girl backs off, girl acts like she is not interested, boy gets feelings hurt, boy’s head is filled with thoughts, communication between boy and girl is now in secretive messages of body language, how they interact in groups, and weird phone conversations.

Why sit that a man cannot just be interested in a woman? I’d love to think that I can just lay all my cards on the table and say, “Look, woman, I’m interested and I think you should let me start dating you if the feelings are mutual.” Then if there are any thoughts from either side, they should be able to freely express them, with no pressure or expectations. I think we make this dating process all to personal. It is not to my fault that I am interested in a girl. It is not a bad thing if for some reason she is not interested in me though either. Because we care so much about what people think and we put ourselves on pedestals to think that if we are not interested in a person we will hurt their feelings, we make this process of dating painful and horribly unpleasant. Then because it is unpleasant you withdrawal and begin to become bitter at the opposite sex for a while… I hate the dating process because of this, but do have the desire to get married…

I think something that would help in his process, is if we all went into with humility. Don’t flatter yourself ladies, just because you are not interested in a guy, doesn’t mean the end of the world, there are plenty of other women out there. Gentlemen, don’t become proud and think that you have the best total package to offer. If you like a girl don’t fear rejection because you don’t think you should be rejected. You see, none of it is personal, we are all just people stumbling through this world looking for a companion, and much like shopping for a new pair of jeans it’s okay to put back the one’s you don’t like or that don’t fit, nothing personal at all.

I’d say open communication and humility are the keys to success in any dating relationship.

So for those of you out there in my boat of frustration, keep your head up and pray that God would give you the desire of your heart in His timing and pray that He would grant you patience to wait.

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