Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Falling to pieces

I am a blog freak and I am always on Boundless Line’s website writing and reading about different things. This one blog in particular really bothered me, when I say bother I mean almost like convicted, but I just thought I should share. Here is the link to the blog and within the blog there is another link which is the following this link is for the photos album you should go look at.

Now to the meat of things... in this blog the author wonders how in the world all those Nazi soldiers could have such normal looking pictures in that album when they were part of destroying lives and making history with their death camps. He wonders how they could just go back to their family vacation spots as seen in the pictures or even more sad light a Christmas tree (which would signify them celebrating Jesus Christ) while during the day they were slaying millions of Jews.

The chills came from me thinking about my facebook wall and the large amount of pictures of me having fun and just being “normal”. This in no way is to say I or anyone else for that matter should not have fun, but it is only to bring about acknowledgement of the world around us. I wonder if someone will look at my photo gallery one day and wonder how in the world I looked so happy when women in Iraq were having to prostitute themselves to survive, babies were being killed in America at a breath-taking rate, religions were killing each other, and the world around us was falling to pieces as we sit in our comfy homes and play and take pretty pictures.

I refuse to be a part of the generation that sits back and is ignorant of the stench of death that surrounds us. I fear being ignorant of the world around me and the horrors that go on in this world, and dedicate my life to the service of Jesus Christ to help change it and see people come to know Jesus Christ and experience life abundantly (which doesn’t mean I think this world will turn to candy land, that will not happen until he comes back). This blog challenged me to always be aware, always pray, and always be active. What about you…

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