Wednesday, October 24, 2007



Not James Bond…a brotherly bond. My brother came up to Indianapolis for my birthday last week. He got here on Wed (10/17) night and left on Sat (10/20) night. We just hung out a lot, nothing really big, but just a great time. The entire time he was here I was just shocked at the bond that we had because we were brothers. Even though we disagree about things and had a couple little disagreements when he was here, that never broke our bond. There is something unexplainable about the bond between two brothers, no matter what, they will always be brothers and that is enough to make them best friends for life.

Carrying that thought into the church is a little bit more difficult though. What my brother and I have in common is a mother and a father. As Christians, followers of Christ, we all have in common that we have been extended grace and are now children of God. For some reason though, the bond I feel with my brother is different than I do with Joe, the guy who sits in the third row every Sunday (that is just a made up name, and we don’t have pews, we have tables and chairs). I think having the same Father is a huge deal and should be enough to make the unity within the body of Christ much like that of my brother and I.

It’s the little things that make a difference I think. My brother and I experienced the same kind of life growing up together, even though we are totally different in many ways. So the body of Christ is made up of a large number of different people, from different places at different times. The only reason this seems to matter is because we are sinful and look more at differences than alikeness.

Just a random thought to chew on, I’ve been wrestling with it all morning.

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