Monday, September 10, 2007

Time flies when you’re having fun…

Time flies when you’re having fun…

Sunday, Sept 9, 2007 Indy Metro Church celebrated our 1st anniversary as a church. Not as a church that merely survived, but as a church that thrived! I remember all the anticipation of moving up to Indianapolis and then once I got here, all the anticipation of the launch date, our first service. Everything happened so fast that looking back it is amazing to see what God did! He took a bunch of misfits to do something great for His name. We have organizational structure, a lead pastor, a pastoral staff, a community action coordinator, a budget, an office location, a campus ministry brewing, prayer meetings, small groups, and most of all a community of friends. As I write this blog I cannot hold back from smiling like a little child. God used me, God used a bunch of other people that didn’t know each other more than a year ago to come together and become this beautiful family that cares for the city. Making something out of nothing…it’s kind of God’s thing. He made the heavens and earth out of nothing, man out of dust, a woman from a rib. He made a church out of a few people with passion in Jacksonville. He gives peace is chaos. God creates, He is all about new things and creation. It’s amazing to be a part of His creation of a church.

We had several people get interviewed within the church and their interviews brought me to tears. It was beautiful to see and hear these people from this city call Indy Metro home and say they are grateful for everyone who help start it and support it. So I’m sitting in my chair thinking, “wow, God used me to help create this home, this church people have been so impacted by…” It brought me to tears because God used so many people from different pasts and cultures to create unity in one body called Indy Metro Church. I’ll be finishing school within the next year, possibly getting a job with the Fire Dept or police Dept. I can’t imagine what God has planned for me this next year, but it excites me to know that I am in His hand. Seeing how much He did this last year makes me excited all over again to tackle this next year.

I’m grateful that Indy Metro Church was and is something I can be involved in. So for those of you who prayed for me or Indy Metro or sent financial support, thank you, you were part of something big. You were part of God creating something big in downtown Indianapolis that has changed lives.

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