Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Super Pastor

As I continue to grow here in Indianapolis, I find myself laughing hysterically at my own goofiness a lot. IN each situation I’m always saved by someone, this time it was DP (Dan Pride). I have $5 dollars cash! I have been counting and I have not done laundry in 2 months and 2 weeks. Absurd I know! So I do the math and each washing machine and drying machine is $1.25, which means I can use 4 machines. Washers and 2 dryers. I have all this worked out in my head before I go to school last night. I have a plan, when I get off school, I’m going to shoot around a little, then go home and clean up my house, wash dishes, and do laundry.

Side note: I’ve been in a funk for like almost a month now, just being unmotivated to anything, like clean my apartment, do dishes or laundry. This is totally not like me, but this is a little illustration of what my apartment looked like. Haven’t done dishes in three weeks, shoes and clothes cover my living room, bed room, and closet floors, and my couch still has the indention of my body from laying on it watching TV almost every night out of this lack of motivation. Get the picture???

So I get home and run down stairs to the laundry room because I feel motivated for once in several weeks! I get down there and remember the number 4, I just know I have enough for 4 machines. I fill up four washing machines and pour in the cleaning detergent on top and walk away feeling I’ve conquered the ugly beast called laundry. All of the sudden, I smack myself on the forehead and realize I have no money to dry my clothes and only have 28 minutes to track down an extra 5 bucks. I have no money in my bank account, it is 11:40 at night. I call three friends who don’t answer the phone and then I just pray, “God I’m stupid please fix my problem.” Then I call DP (remember it is 11:40pm). I ask him if I can borrow $5, he agrees and I am able to dry my clothes. Doing laundry has never been so exciting. Thanks DP.

I just thought I’d share a funny, shallow story that required no reflection or thinking, just smiling and laughing at Adam…

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Future and Dry Cleaning…Maybe

The Future and Dry Cleaning…Maybe

As you know I applied for the Indianapolis Fire Dept several weeks ago and am waiting for a letter to confirm that I passed the oral interview or not so I can move on to the next phase of the process, the physical test. I also applied for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept. I passed the written test and physical test already. I have an oral interview on Sept 27 at 9:20am. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. The police job would start in April of 2008 and I’m not sure about he Fire Dept, that process is extremely vague. I’m not sure what the future looks like and really don’t have an opinion either way, I just see God is opening doors and I’m jumping through them. Who knows what will happen. My main desire is that I am doing His will and desiring what He desires. So maybe soon I’ll be a man in uniform and have all kind of dry cleaning bills. You never know. Prayer is appreciated though. Thanks.

Time flies when you’re having fun…

Time flies when you’re having fun…

Sunday, Sept 9, 2007 Indy Metro Church celebrated our 1st anniversary as a church. Not as a church that merely survived, but as a church that thrived! I remember all the anticipation of moving up to Indianapolis and then once I got here, all the anticipation of the launch date, our first service. Everything happened so fast that looking back it is amazing to see what God did! He took a bunch of misfits to do something great for His name. We have organizational structure, a lead pastor, a pastoral staff, a community action coordinator, a budget, an office location, a campus ministry brewing, prayer meetings, small groups, and most of all a community of friends. As I write this blog I cannot hold back from smiling like a little child. God used me, God used a bunch of other people that didn’t know each other more than a year ago to come together and become this beautiful family that cares for the city. Making something out of nothing…it’s kind of God’s thing. He made the heavens and earth out of nothing, man out of dust, a woman from a rib. He made a church out of a few people with passion in Jacksonville. He gives peace is chaos. God creates, He is all about new things and creation. It’s amazing to be a part of His creation of a church.

We had several people get interviewed within the church and their interviews brought me to tears. It was beautiful to see and hear these people from this city call Indy Metro home and say they are grateful for everyone who help start it and support it. So I’m sitting in my chair thinking, “wow, God used me to help create this home, this church people have been so impacted by…” It brought me to tears because God used so many people from different pasts and cultures to create unity in one body called Indy Metro Church. I’ll be finishing school within the next year, possibly getting a job with the Fire Dept or police Dept. I can’t imagine what God has planned for me this next year, but it excites me to know that I am in His hand. Seeing how much He did this last year makes me excited all over again to tackle this next year.

I’m grateful that Indy Metro Church was and is something I can be involved in. So for those of you who prayed for me or Indy Metro or sent financial support, thank you, you were part of something big. You were part of God creating something big in downtown Indianapolis that has changed lives.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Accents are Beautiful!

America (A Melting Pot of apathy)

Being in a call center environment for work I run across all different sorts of people, which is why the job doesn’t bother me, because there is always something different. I remember being in elementary school and being taught that America is a melting pot. Different cultures, religions, languages, and skin colors all melt together to make this beautiful (or what should be) thing called an American. Naturally, because we are a melting pot, different languages and accents would run rampant around this nation based on freedom, equality, and diversity (at least that is what the intentions were).

I get a phone call this morning and it is a nice sounding woman who begins by telling me how glad she is to get in contact with a “native” American who speaks English. She was not referring to me as an Indian, but as a typical white, protestant, spoon fed person who grew up in a country that speaks English. She said she is returning a call from a man who speaks very bad English and way too fast and actually requested to speak to someone who speaks good English. When I told her this was the person she needed to speak with she requested I send him a note saying to speak clearer and without the accent! Of course I did no such thing, and simply said I’d send him a note to call her back.

The reason that made my skin curl and stomach ache is because this is something that happens all too common. Diversity is beautiful, accents are reminders of diversity. I love to see a large array of beautiful skin tones, different languages, and cultural backgrounds gathered in one place. It is kind of a spiritual thing to me to see diversity. I think of heaven and what it will look and sound like. John saw something similar, but on a much larger scale, he recalls it in revelation 7:9, “After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people, and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands (TNIV).”

We live in a country that boasts 85% of its population claim to be followers of Jesus Christ. That is a huge percentage! With that said there should be 85% of Americans who show proof they are in Him. John, the same writer who had a revelation of heaven, writes to fellow believers in 1 John and says, “This is how we know we are in Him: Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did (1 John 2:5-6, TNIV).” Jesus is love, because God is love. Jesus was patient, Jesus was full of grace. God granted us grace by sending Jesus Christ as an atoning sacrifice for the entire world’s sin. If we have been granted grace, shouldn’t we show it?

So next time you call to pay a phone bill and you get “Todd” who happens to be in an Indian call center somewhere in Dubai, be patient. Think about the diversity that God so loves that He will fill His kingdom with it. Think about the grace and patience you are granted by Christ and grant it to others.