Thursday, August 2, 2007



You can turn things on and off, air conditioning, lights, television, etc., but faith?

Can your faith be something you put aside until Sunday, is it like a mask you can wear when you want?

I am frightened at the number of people who believe this.

I have a person I work with and they will curse all day, have a nasty attitude, but when it comes to church, oh they can talk about hat too because they are a Christian… This sentence makes no sense to me. The thought of being able to turn Christian depending on what you talk about is absurd. I must write this in a blog because I would love to tell her to be real and explain to her that faith and reason cannot be separated.

Please read 1 Corinthians 2:12-16. What is Paul saying here?

Those who have the spirit do not have the mind of the world any more; we have the mind of Christ. That has huge implications! No longer should we be able to just do as we please. If we have the Spirit we make decisions based on the Spirit. The separation of your faith and personal life is impossible.

Seriously, on and off doesn’t work, God doesn’t like luke-warm, cold of hot, on or off. Faith is not something that can be both, the path of Jesus Christ is not a two lane highway, it is a narrow path.

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