Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Line

I’m exhausted! I just walked back from meeting Dan at Subway for lunch. The 100 degree humid weather is what exhausted me neither did the 4 block walk in the relentless sun. I’m exhausted spiritually…

I’ve been discipling a man for about 2 months now. He is highly emotional and in every sense of the word, a social outcast. No one takes time to speak to him or listen to him. About two months ago I was broken hearted for this man and decided I would start meeting with him in the park to read through Philippians, a book that has the underlying theme of joy, since he was so down. From the beginning we discussed things like being joyful in every circumstance, not being so self-centered, being nice to people and not feeling he has the right to speak to anyone the way he feels he should, and growing in his walk with Jesus. In two months I have seen no growth or no desire to grow. He says he wants to grow and know the Lord better, but shows no validation to those claims.

He is always saying how he likes hanging out with me and how he likes being around people. I am beginning to think that his meeting with me is not sincere and his desire is less about getting to know the Lord and more about feeling special because he is getting attention. The logical side of me says that I am wasting my time and should end the sessions we have been meeting on every Sat, but the compassionate, merciful side of me says to just keep praying and meeting and the Lord will do a great work in him.

Where is that line? That line between being a patient, compassionate person and being a person pouring yourself out for nothing? I don’t know what to do, but feel like if he does not want to grow closer to the Lord then I should treat him as someone who does know the Lord and just pray for him and greet him cordially when I do see him at church.

Exhaustion is something easily available in the Christian walk, Lord forgive me…

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