Thursday, August 16, 2007

Creation Moans...Can You Hear It?

I’m almost sick to my stomach after lunch. It is not from the chicken nor from the Sprite nor the candy bar I had. The feeling that is turning my stomach is the very feeling that is crushing my heart. I took a moment after lunch to catch up on the news…

I was in Jacksonville for about a week and totally lost touch with reality and figured I better get back into my routine of staying current on local and international news. I read three stories that still have me shaking my head and wanting to escape to a quiet place to meet the Lord in prayer: 1. The earthquake in Peru has the streets lined with bodies covered by sheets, 2. Iraqi women are selling themselves for on average $8 per day into prostitution to support their children, and 3. A man in Missouri decided to through his wife off a balcony due to her being ill and they could not afford to pay the medical bills.

It breaks my heart to see humanity act this way. The suffering that it must take for a woman to sell herself into prostitution is unimaginable. One woman who was interviewed said she would send her 3 children to corners of the small room they all lived in while she would cater to a client. The poverty is so bad that women have resorted to this behavior. The earth moans and takes lives like no time before. Families kill each other because they cannot afford to pay medical bills.

This kind of brings the idea of creation moaning (Romans 8) to life in a heartbreaking way. Creation is moaning and the thought that kills me the most is that some if not most of it moan in vain. They have no hope. What hope is in throwing your sickly wife off a balcony or selling your body to provide for your family or even watching the earth swallow lives around you in less than 2 minutes? If some one does not know Jesus Christ they cannot have any hope and thus the world seems to fall apart around them.

We need to lift the world up in prayer, it’s falling apart without hope, and people need to know the source of hope, Jesus.

Check out (or any other news site), stay connected to the world via news and pray for them all.

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