Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm a Big!

So I am a Big now. I am signed up as a mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana. I am very passionate about mentoring children, well, because they are the future, so we need to make sure we are investing in the future. His name is Ramero. His nickname is Tank. He is 7 and full of energy, ideas, and a lot of random thoughts he loves to express. We met last Monday for the first time. Immediately, he sat close to me and would just rest his hand on my leg. He ran to his room to give me a hockey puck he caught in a game that he wanted me to have. He was so excited to have a Big Brother. Wed after my last doctors appointment on my ankle (by the way I am all good, I just have to be careful and wear a brace for the rest of my athletic life) I picked him up and brought him downtown. We played soccer, ate hot dogs for lunch, and then had some ice cream. He is so competitive; we basically had a race to see who could finish their hot dog or ice cream first. Of course I won because I have a huge mouth and even bigger appetite, but I did let him win a soccer game. Saturday we went bowling. It was his first time bowling and he scored an 88! Pretty impressive, he is very athletic, by the second game he had already figured out how to keep his wrist straight and get strikes. Sunday I took him to church with me, and then we went to a Big Brothers Big Sisters corporate BBQ, and finally watched a movie before taking him back home. He is a great kid and I am so excited that God is allowing me to pour into someone's life. Check out the picture.

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