Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do You Remember?

It makes total sense that Jesus told the disciples to have communion as often as they want to but to do it in remembrance of Him. Because we forget! I was reminded of this yesterday. I got a call from a guy I literally haven't spoken to in almost 3 years. 3 years ago we were the two tattooed, rough around the edge guys that went on a missions trip to NYC. I was not expecting my life to be changed by going to NYC for a week, but that is where God grabbed me and put a passion in me like no other. The same with my friend. He was calling me from NY where he was running a kitchen at a Christian day camp. He said he was able to see 43 kids come to the Lord last month and just went on and on about how God had been working in and through his life since we last saw each other in NY. I was so full of joy to hear everything that God had done with him. I never knew I would be where I am now either and I was forced to remember yesterday.

I remember the wild, drunken, selfish man I was before Christ saved me from my stupor. I started going back to church and attending Sunday school, I finally started making Christian friends, but nothing really changed I still had my life and my dream and goals. I went to NYC for one week. There in the concrete jungle God changed me. I saw people in a city of 20 mil that had never heard of Jesus. How is that even possible, it is heartbreaking really. I saw homeless men say they live in the shadows and aren't even a part of society, they were so broken. I left NYC changed. When I got back to Jacksonville, I started speaking in the Sunday school class. Then I was given the opportunity along side another friend to help lead. So here I am leading a ministry of college students. I started bible study of 4 outcast of the typical "church" kid. That bible study turned into a huge weekly gathering where social barriers were replaced with a love for Jesus. We met at my apartment, then outgrew that and started meeting in the Southeastern Burrito Company, outgrew that, then we started meeting at Panera. They still meet, every Wed at Panera and are running 23 people weekly! I started having this deep aching feeling for people who did not know Jesus. I had this feeling that there was something more to my faith than just going to church and doing church things. My pastor asked me to move to Indianapolis to help with a church plant.

Here I am in Indianapolis writing about my journey from boy to man. I am enrolled in a bible college, am discipling 2 guys from totally different walks of life, know homeless men by name, and am a vital part of a church leadership team. God has done so much and too much for me to fit into a decently sized blog (otherwise you would be reading for days).

I remember! In remembering what Jesus has done with me, how He has changed my life, I smile and must give Him praise! What is He doing with you, what has He done?


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